About Us

‘Come together today for a better tomorrow’

Free Soul are a group of likeminded individuals who are united by their passion to encourage the community to pull together for a brighter future.

With the local area currently exceeding in housing development, there are plenty of community issues taking a back seat. With this in mind, we have been inspired to help the Tom Chubb Fund with vital fundraising required to build and maintain a quality concrete skate park in Axminster.

We know that people travel all over the UK and beyond to locate their perfect skate park and so why not support this very project which currently sits right on our doorstep, needing our help!

How are we going to do it?

What better way than to plan the ultimate festival for all ages- the perfect way to chill out, come together, enjoy the party and most importantly raise funds for a worthy cause.

Our ‘Free Soul Slowburner’ is just that- good for the soul! Set in the Secret Cranberries Hideaway, the Slowburner festival will be a safe haven and retreat for all ages, with music, madness and activities planned, all set in the tranquil backdrop of rolling Devonshire hills and Jurassic coastal views.

Set for 2018, there are lots of plans already in place and in true festival style, the event will last for 12 hours- 12 ‘til midnight with plenty to keep you entertained. From stalls and whacky activities, to some of the best music our local area has to offer, we have the whole family covered and we cannot wait to unveil more plans closer to the time.

Music enthusiasts, happy hippies, family fundraisers, festival folk, community lovers and local people join together- the Slowburner is one not to be missed!


About the Tom Chubb Fund

On the 30th October, 2012, the Axminster community was shaken by the sudden and tragic death of 18 year old Tom Chubb in a car accident.

Following the tragic news, Axminster’s skate park has become a hub for those affected, with fundraising becoming an essential tool to use in order to turn the sadness and loss of Tom into something positive for the future.

The fundraising began when donations were made to the skate park during Tom’s funeral. From then on, friends and relatives of Tom began a new journey, campaigning for better skate facilities for BMX and skateboard riders (something Tom loved) and… a dedicated team of fundraisers were born.

The skate park site has been donated by Cloakham Lawns, and is not owned by the local council, so it is up to fundraisers, the steering group and those who skate there to ensure the park is maintained and looked after.

Insurance, small rent to Cloakham and the building of the skate park all comes from fundraising and so there is a constant need for money to be raised at every opportunity to keep this hub alive.

Well-known skate park design and build company Maverick Industries will be heading up the latest design and contracting of the new park which organisers are sure will drive all ages and abilities from across East Devon to enjoy.

Now officially granted charity status, the next step is to put in for planning for a bigger and better park. Supported by local councillors and the community, the group hope the next stage in the project will be well supported and achievable!

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